The Lost Art of Femininity – Waist Beads by Sewra | Press

Waist Beads by Sewra has been seen in:


Bourgie Green (October 2012)

San Jose Mercury News, approved Bay Area, California (August 2012)

Naturi Beauty (September 2010)

Quixoctic Online (201o)

Aiza Beauty Supply (2010)

The Examiner (December 2009)

The Handmade Hustle (August 2009)

Harlem World Blog (June 2009)

On the Road to Queendom (June 2009)

The Steelo (2009)

Love is Near (December 2008)

The Huffington Post (October 2008)

Brooklyn Paper (August 2008)

She Finds (October 2008)

Martini Pink (June 2008) (January 2007)

Crack Magazine (June 2005)

Smooth Girl (Summer 2004)

NV Magazine (February/March 2003)

Maurice Malone Fashion show (Spring 2002)

Waist Beads by Sewra Fashion Show (Summer 2002)

Cosmopolitan Magazine (July 2002)

Complex Magazine (September/October 2002)