Luxury handmade and high-end waist beads made exclusively for the Lady serious about her adornments.


Waist Beads by Sewra™

If it doesn’t say ‘Waist Beads by Sewra™’ …THEN IT’S NOT THE REAL THING!!!


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Love & Testimonials


"Love the Quality/Customer Service"

Loved the presentation and design of my beads. I always expect and receive the best from Waistbeads by Sewra™!

-Dana M. / Washington DC, DC


"In Love"

I was searching for a waist beads that were made with love and care and came across waist beads by SEWRA. Im extremely happy with the quality and care of my waist beads. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future. The personal touches made the entire experience different from any other company. I looooove my waist beads!!

-Tara / Dallas, TX



My third crystal set of waist beads - they are gorgeous - the three together make me feel like 'me' only better. They are beautifully hand crafted, strong, so pretty and am extremely glad I ordered them, even more glad to have them and to wear them.

-Elizabeth D. / Islington, London, UK



Upon seeing the photo of these waistbeads I instantly was ignited to purchase them. I knew that they'd be on me. Sewra is a wonderful crafts woman.

-BB / Philadelphia, PA


"Only Beads I Wear"

These are beautiful. I love the rich color, and the "matte" finish of the beads. Just a note, I happened upon Sewra's waist beads some years ago, at a BAM festival. Since then, I won't wear any other type of beads. I have 4 sets, some of which I've had for a few years. They have yet to fall apart. High quality material and great customer service!

-H. Marshall / Silver Spring, MD



I so appreciate the professionalism, beauty and care. I feel so safe in mine. The little gold piece at the end of the lobster clasp fell off into the toilet, but other than that it was great. Thank you, because they are beautiful and bring me so much joy and self-love.

-Camellia L. / Providence, RI



I have been a customer for about 12 years and over the years Sewra never ceases to amaze me! "Hallelujah" is silky smooth and sexy and that's just how I feel when I wear them. I am always recommended women to WBBS because she does excellent work and I have never been disappointed!

-Phoenix B. / Brooklyn, NY


"Love My Beads"

I was searching for something to remind me of my sensuality. Something that would prompt me to remember my feminine essence and the power that I hold. While meditating, waist beads came to mind. I'm so grateful that I was introduced to Sewra. Not only does she create beautiful works of art, but her energy is electric!

-Mable T. / Chicago, ILL